Healing Touch is also offered at the Tucson Medical Center Cancer
Supportive Care Center. Call (520)324-2840 for information and
Northwest Hospital, and University Cancer Center
also have Healing Touch Volunteers.
Clients say, "I feel less discomfort", "I feel energized", "I feel more
grounded", "I can get through another week", " I feel so relaxed."
Local Healing Touch practitioners and apprentices provide
informative talks and demonstrations to various groups interested
in understanding Healing Touch as a possible benefit to
themselves, loved ones or the populations that they serve.
Healing Touch presentations have been given to: Better Breathers
Group of the American Lung Association, Hospice care givers,
integrative Medicine Program. University of Arizona Psychiatric
Residents, cancer support groups and more.
Scheduled presentations:
To Be Announced.
Community Outreach
In addition to the private practices listed under Practitioners, Healing Touch
can be found in the community in the following:
Community Presentations
Walking Softly on the Earth
(under construction)
The HTI Healing Touch philosophy includes care of self, care of
family, care of community and care of the world/earth.

Included here are suggestions for walking softly and consciously
on the earth and creating  ripple effect out into family,
community and the world to help heal the earth. Every step we
individually take contributes to the collective actions being taken
to create change for a better world.

  • Choose reusable water bottles/eliminate individual plastic
    water bottle purchase (family and community events as